Surfin Estate depuis 2011

Since 2011

Since 2011, Surfin Estate has propose, thanks to his web blog, a French vision of the surf spirit, and is inspired for
its collections by the great artistic and musical currents from 1900 to these days 


Openning our store in June 2015 was a way to concretize surfin estate’s soul and spirit.

To enhance the French "savoir-faire", we work with the local crafts to offer you top-of-the-range surfboards,
designed for different types of surf and wave.
We also chose a textile manufacturing made in France to guarantee the quality of our collections.

More than just a brand, Surfin Estate is a state of Mind, a sustainable commitment to foster french
and handcraft work ; and this from our Surfboards to apparel…

Concept store in Hossegor

A place for relaxation, discovery, and exchange close to the best waves of Europe, Hossegor.

Other point of sale

Haven Surf
Volkstraat 18 
    2000 ANTWERP