Your surfboard insurance

Surfin Estate offers, thanks to the services of Winklecard, an insurance for your surfboard. Whether it is rented or acquired.

1. How does it work?

• One day pass for € 2.90

• One card for a week (7 days) from 19,90 €

• One card for the year at 36 €

• Optionally, reimbursement of unused benefits (surf lessons, equipment rental) in case of medical incapacity.

YOUR BENEFITS WINKLECARD: the choice between 3 cards, a waterman approach open to the practice of different disciplines, reduced and fast registration formalities, a water-responsible approach, Winklecard is a partner of the Flocon à la Vague association.

2. What is the insured equipment and what is the guarantee?

The material insured is personal and rented material (winklecard week and year) or rental (winklecard day), used during your sessions: boards, neoprene suits but also for people with disabilities prostheses. Winklecard thus commits its commitment to the accessibility of water sliding sports by people with disabilities.

In the event of damage to the equipment, repair or replacement costs up to a maximum of € 600 will be covered.

With the Winklecard week the repair time, you will be reimbursed the cost of renting a replacement board for a maximum of 7 days and a maximum cost of 200 €.

3. What is the repayment period?

Within 10 days *, if the file is complete.

* ATTENTION: The delay is given as an indication and can extend in the periods of strong affluence.

4. What happens to permanent disability following an accident during a surfing session?

In Europe, Winklecard provides for the payment of a maximum capital of € 5,000 in the event of death or permanent and total disability following an accident during a session.

5. Is it easy to take out insurance and making a claim?

Winklecard is an accessible, flexible and fast service:

- According to your needs flexible formulas: 1 day, 7 days, year round.

- No declaration to make for a change of activity, as long as it concerns a "water sport"

- The cancellation option surf course, or one of the guaranteed sports, rental cancellation, is eligible on the week and season packages.

- Reduced formalities. To join online, no account to create on the site Winklecard. Just enter your first and last name, an email address, a phone number.
You can also subscribe in store in our shop of Soorts-Hossegor, at 169 avenue des Tisserands.

- The confirmation of the membership to your Winklecard, you will be immediately addressed by mail.

- A single e-mail address to report your claim, and a telephone number where you can reach an advisor who can assist you in case of need.


6. Does the insurance apply if I break my board alone?

Yes, you are insured even if there is no third party responsible.

7. How does this happen with used equipment? Or bought without an invoice?

On purchased new or second hand equipment it is necessary to provide a purchase invoice. A deemed purchase price of 25% shall be applied to the purchase price at the purchase price between the date of purchase and the date of the loss.

In all cases, the time of the repairs or the replacement of the board, you benefit from 7 days of hiring of an equivalent equipment within the limit of 200 €.